Tuesday, 25 September 2012

#35: Weirdwolf (1987)

Weirdwolf is one of those guys that's just "there". He doesn't really do anything, say anything interesting or noteworthy, or make any difference to any situation he's in. And by that I don't mean he didn't make a difference in the George Bailey "every man makes a difference" way. I mean, in terms of Generation One fiction (even the Japanese Headmasters series), Weirdwolf did absolutely nothing. Which to me at least, is incredibly frustrating. Because Weirdwolf, according to his Tech Spec bio, was immensely interesting and a great character. If used correctly, he could have been a positive boon to G1 fiction. Still could, if anyone wished to go down that direction. Weirdwolf, basically, is a psychopath. But not in the foaming at the mouth, utter mental, WWF wrestler circa 1986 way. No, he's insane in the Patrick Bateman "needs to return some video tapes" way. Even if the singsong voice and backwards way of talking thing's a bit of a giveaway. Maybe Drusilla from Buffy is a better fit for Weirdwolf, on second thought.

Regardless, here's an example of yet another completely wasted character from G1. This appears to be a running thread through this blog. I guess my point is that we as kids probably made more out of a lot of these characters than the writers did. Not that I'm having a go at the writers, they were under pressure to get things done quickly, they had to concentrate on a few characters perhaps, and other such concerns. Even so, it irks me occasionally, looking back through these Tech Specs, that an awful lot of good writing fodder went unnoticed.

Weirdwolf's toy is great. A teal, yellow and cream wolf. I mean, obviously, right? It's 1987, after all. And the Headmaster conceit has always been one of my favourites. It used to be that I really only liked the Japanese explanation, with the head being the robot, controlling the lifeless body, but I think I'm coming around to the Western explanation these days, that the little guy is organic, and transforms into the head of the robot, and the two personalities mesh and become one. It's such a crazy idea, it just might work. Kind of like making a wolf out of yellow and teal parts.

Weirdwolf then, is a guy looking for a part. Or a part looking for a guy. Whatever he is, I like him. And if he does happen to ever appear in a film or new cartoon, I want Juliet Landau voicing him. Or Frank Oz. Whoever's cheaper.

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