Thursday, 13 September 2012

#28: Crosshairs (1987)

Apparently Crosshairs is a toy that almost everyone has owned at some point. It's a memo I wish I'd gotten, as I've never owned him. I don't think I ever knew anyone who had him as a kid even. It's a shame, because, like all Targetmasters, Crosshairs is cool. Yes, even though his toy isn't the most interesting, he gets a pass, because the gimmick is awesome. Yes, even though his fiction appearances are few and far between, and not even that great, he's allowed into the cool club because Targetmasters are amazing. I'm that shallow and impressed by little robots that turn into what Hasbro tells me is a gun. I'm a man with a problem, I know.

Crosshairs, like I said earlier, didn't get much fiction. He was in The Rebirth, but as those of us who have seen it know, it's a toy parade and nothing more.Neil Ross got to do a neat Ronnie Reagan impersonation for a few seconds, and that's it. In that story, we should be thankful even for that. In the comics he fared better, but not much. He was, of course, in the Headmasters miniseries, but like the cartoon, that suffers from robot saturation. He popped up in the Matrix Quest, but was more than likely killed by Thunderwing, as he wasn't seen after the confrontation on the Autobot flagship. In IDW he's popped up here and there, but hasn't really done much yet. Yeah, Crosshairs is one of those rank-and-filers, it seems. There to make up the numbers. Which, as with a lot of these kind of bots, is a shame. His Tech Spec bio is pretty cool, the guy who won't take a shot, won't waste ammo unless it's absolutely necessary...I can see a story about a sniper in there somewhere, a good character piece. I may write it someday. Unless Rocherts gets there first, of course.

I said his toy wasn't great, and it's not. It's not bad, but it's not one of the better toys from the era. He's very bulky, almost Tonka toy bulky, and his head seems small and flat compared to the rest of his body. Pinpointer (his Targetmaster partner) isn't brilliant either, but he is functional, and I guess that's all that truly matters. Crosshairs' alt mode is the star here, he's a great big Cybertronian monster truck. Let's face it, what kid doesn't love that?

Crosshairs, and indeed all the Target, Head and Power Masters are all in severe need of the Classics/Generations treatment. Come on Hasbro, you know it makes sense.

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