Monday, 3 September 2012

#20: Slag (1985)

These days, it seems to be totally uncool to like the Dinbots. Well, Grimlock anyway. Transformers fans seem to suffer from 'Grimlock Fatigue', where the mere mention of the Dinobots illicits an eye roll of heavy sigh from many. Of course, there are still some who still get giddy whenever they even think about the Dinobots. I'm one of them. Yep, I'll admit it. I love the Dinobots. I love that I had a few of them as a kid (well, my brother did, anyway). And I still want, nay NEED Hasbro to bring out the classics again (not likely), or at the very least get the Fall of Cybertron ones out quick smart (even if they don't seem to be keen to release them in the UK).

Back to G1 Slag though. Yes, I do realise that in the UK his name is considered an insult. To be fair, it's probably meant as an insult on Cybertron too, albeit in a very different way. But Slag's a funny one; he's probably the Dinobot that gets the third most amount of attention (after Grimlock and Swoop), however, he never really seems to DO anything. In the G1 cartoon he agreed with anything Grimlock did as long as he got to beat Decepticons up; in the G1 comic he was just kinda there; and in IDW, pretty much the same story. He's always around, he has a great bio, but he never seems to do much. I guess it's difficult with a character who hates everyone, to actually have them do anything that could push a story along. Plus, if he's not a team player, who in their right mind would trust him anyway?

They toy, let's face it, is a complete and total classic. It's a Diaclone toy, repurposed for the job (you can tell by the tiny little seat that should hold a mini driver - not the actress), but to every Transformers fan, that's a piece of their childhood, right there. I wish that Hasbro would reissue these toys (if they're able)/ To have a good, working, shiny set of Dinobots - well, that would be a Holy Grail, right there. Plus, Triceratops is my favourite dinosaur. So Slag was always going to be high on my list.

To recap then: I love dinosaurs, I love the Dinobots and I love Slag. His bio is awesome, and the times when he has popped up in fiction and done stuff, he's been great. So even if Slag would hate to hear it, and he'd probably roast me alive with his flamethrower, I love that guy.

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