Saturday, 1 September 2012

#18: Mainframe (1990)

Mainframe, being one of the 'original' characters created for the Action Master line, alwas had a major disadvantage when it came to the buying public. Whereas even the most casual fan would have wanted a Bumblebee or a Soundwave, the original characters were a much harder sell. Obviously these days this isn't a problem, with Roberts and Roche making all the Action Masters insanely cool and desirable. but in 1990 this wasn't the case.

It's a shame really, because Mainframe's Tech Spec bio paints a very interesting picture of a 'bot who really just wants to be left alone to process data and write code. Pretty much the Transformers version of Moss from the IT crowd, then. Let's put it this way; if ever he gets a voice in a cartoon, Richard Ayoade should be playing him. It's certainly his voice I'll hear when I see Mainframe's dialogue in comics. Also, notice the Mainframe's intelligence and skill levels; perfect 10. This guy is formidable, yo.

The toy, as with most Action Masters, is chock-full of personality. I know not many may agree, but I wish this line had been given just a little more time to grow and flourish. I know, they didn't transform, but that was only half the story, as action figures they were quite awesome and looked good. Mainframe's partner Push-Button was cool too, especially with the blue/neon yellow colouring. I liked his bio too, that he hated being a debugger and just wanted to be out there, busting Decepticreeps. Poor little guy.

Mainframe then, was one of the better Action Masters, a good toy, and a good, well thought out Tech Spec bio. Here's hoping that Rocherts do something pretty darn cool with him on the Lost Light (unless they've killed him already). Also, what do you think he might have transformed into prior to Actionisation?

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