Sunday, 2 September 2012

#19: Greasepit (1989)

A cpuple of years ago I made a decision. I was going to collect as much Micromasters swag as I could at that year's Auto Assembly (a British Transformers convention). Unlike many promises I make in my life, such as washing-up, or cleaning the bathroom, I actually made good on this promise, picking up nearly all the bases, most of the teams, and a good couple of cominbers to boot. One of the battle stations I picked up was Greasepit's gas station.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I LOVE Micromasters. I also love their Tech Specs. The fact that these little toys got as good and extensive a bio from Hasbro is nothing short of amazing to me. It wouldn't happen now. Heck, the full size toys generally just get "Autobot Prowl is an Autobot" or somesuch nonsense. So for Greasepit to get a bio that unequivocally lets you know that he's a mean-spirited petty thief who sounds pretty much like a robotic Arthur Daley is absolutely brilliant. Also, look at the skill level for this guy. No wonder he's so good at swindling people.

Of course, Greasepit has NO fiction to speak of. Not even in Dreamwave's shocking Micromasters mini series. That was bad, people. REAL bad. Maybe it's good that he got nothing. That being said, can someone at IDW just consider a series of some sort? Just a little one?

The toy is great. It really is. It's a battle station that comes with a little Decepticon that transforms. Yes, it's a repaint of Mudslinger from the Autobot Off-Road Patrol, but still, it's a toy within a toy. And people wonder why I love Micromasters so darn much. Unlike Airwave's battle station (which we'll talk about another time), Greasepit's station actually looks like two completely different modes. I love the way the thing folds out, revealing a battle platform with a million guns of death, to then look exactly like the Esso garage down the road. I wonder if Greasepit stands behind the glass at night, selling Pringles and Hob Nobs to 'tired' students?

All in all then, a marvelous example of what Micromasters can be, and a good illustration of why I love them. Because they're awesome. I want more. NEED, in fact.

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