Tuesday, 4 September 2012

#21: Fangry (1988)

Fangry was the only Headmaster I ever owned. Therefore, he is my favourite Headmaster. Well, of the second set of them that appeared, anyway. For some reason, I like rebellious types, especially Decepticons, so this guy was just about perfect in my eyes. A warrior that despises being led, that actively rails against authority. Traits you would normally associate with the hero. But no, this was one of the bad guys, ticking every box of the lone wolf hero meme. To my young mind, awesome.

Of course, the fact that he turned into a winged wolf...thing...helped too, I always did like robotic beast modes like Snapdragon or Apeface et al, so Fangry's almost mythological appearance spoke volumes to me.

He actually got some decent comic time too, especially at the end of the Transformers original un, he even had a bit of a rivalry with Grimlock going on, which considering Grimlock was the de facto Autobot leader at the time, is no mean feat.

Let's face it, the toy ain't great. There's next to no articulation, he has a giant hole in his crotch, and the alt-mode's head and arms are a bit out of proportion there. But as with many G1 toys, I can overlook that, because as a whole package, it works. And he's pink. Let's be honest here, any robot that's pink gets a free pass for me. Because iof they can make that colour look reasonably cool, then they deserve to be regarded as great.

In Japan of course, Fangry wasn't Fangry, he was Wilder, a biker gang member with tons of attitude and teenage angst. He kicked a puppy to death, you know. I'm not even lying.The worst that Fangry did was jump Grimlock from behind.

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