Thursday, 6 September 2012

#23: Buzzsaw (1984)

Buzzsaw is the poor relation to Laserbeak in many ways. Because he came packaged with Soundwave unlike the other cassetticons, there was no real need to advertise and 'sell' him in the various fictions, so as a result, he was underused in the cartoon. True, he did take out Omega Supreme in the comics (I'm not making this up; Buzzsaw the cassette condor took down the baseformer Omega Supreme - look it up), but he was destroyed by Underbase Starscream not long after, and did hardly anything of note before either of those things. He also appeared in one of the Ladybird audios, Megatron's Master Plan. He didn't do much, though. Just flew about a bit. It was still more than Laserbeak did though.

Hence, Buzzsaw is better than Laserbeak in my eyes. He's the underdog, the guy who nearly became the star but due to economics, was pushed into the background. Plus, his bio is way more interesting than Laserbeak's. Buzzsaw is an artist, a creative type. He creates art from the twitching corpses of his victims, turning them into so much more than they were before. He's like Warhol, or something. Except he never got his 15 minutes of fame. Not yet, anyway.

I always enjoyed the cassetticon toys, I love the transformations and all their varied permutations. I just think it's very clever to be able to get such a range of different toys out of what is essentially the same shape. Wonderful stuff. Sadly I've never owned Buzzsaw, but one day my friends. One day. I was hoping that he would be reissued with Soundwave, but alas, that, of course, was Laserbeak. Damn limelight hogging condor.

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