Saturday, 18 August 2012

#7: Hun-Grr (1987)

I'll say it now: I LOVE combiners. Especially the 'Scramble City' style ones, which didn't have to be ported in a particular way. A lot of people like the earlier ones, such as Bruticus and Menasor et al, but me, I always had (and still have) a massive soft spot for the later combiners. And of all of those, by far my favourite was, and is, Abominus, merged form of the Terrorcons, the leader of which, was Hun-Grr.

Now, of course I'm going to get to all of the Terrorcons individually at some point. But for the uninitiated, they were a team of monsters, some of which were very alien (Blot, Rippersnapper), and some which looked like mythological horrors (Cutthroat, Sinnertwin). Hun-Grr fits somewhere between the two I feel, a two headed dragon, which is still technological and advanced in nature.

Let's face it, he looks great. And applause for the colour scheme, whoever thought of hot pink accents with grey, give yourself many pats on the back. For a combiner 'commander' toy, he's also tall and interesting. I mean, most of them were ok, but the late-end toys were much, much better than the earlier models, with articulation and everything. The most you got with some of the earlier attempts were arm swivels, if that. Hun-Grr could actually be *posed*. I know.

The other good thing about Hun-Grr is that his fiction accurately represented his Tech Specs, as a monster who eats pretty much everything, and uses it as ammunition against his foes. He wasn't in too many episodes of season 3 of the G1 cartoon, but a memorable episode is "Money is "Everything", where he and the Terrorcons are being controlled by the mysterious Quintessons.

More good examples could be found in the Transformers comics, specifically the Headmasters arc of the Marvel US comics. He and the rest of his team showed up, and didn't fare too badly in the final analysis. Which is more than can be said for most combiner teams in the comics.

I'm very happy to report that I actually own Hun-Grr, and indeed all of the Terrorcons, and if it weren't for the fact that I'm missing a few pieces, Abominus himself would be sitting atop a shelf in the man cave. The important thing is that Hun-Grr is awesome, and has thus far been represented awesomely. I'd still love to see a Generations version of him, though.

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