Thursday, 16 August 2012

#5: Rumble (1984)

See? SEE? Rumble IS red! I've been saying it all of these years, and next to no one believed me! Yet it turns out that now, I am teh vindicated!

It's an old interwebz argument now, played out a million times or more on various Transformers message boards, that because of a (more than likely and I-wish-it-had-been avoidable) colouring error on the G1 cartoon show, that Rumble, far from being a robot that's coloured red and black, is in fact blue and purple, and his twin Frenzy is in fact the red and blue robot. It's an argument that can be neatly summarised as follows:

FIRRIB (Frenzy Is Red Rumble Is Blue) - or conversely - RIRFIB (Rumble Is Red Frenzy Is Blue)

Personally, I'm in the latter camp. Mainly because of Rumble's Tech Specs and box art, which clearly show him as being RED. Not that it matters at all, of course. (TOTALLY does.)

As for the content of Rumble's Tech Specs, well, the cartoon pretty much nailed that. Rumble was a petty street punk, bullying lower life forms and being a pain the linkage coupling. He always followed orders and was deferential to Megatron, and if he was in an episode, chances are that his piledrivers would be put to good use, pummelling the living daylights out of something.

In the comics, Rumble has never made much of an impact. If anything, Frenzy seemed to be in the comics more, for some reason.

He should have his "correct" livery in any future appearances, though. After all, with Rumble at least, red IS the colour.

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