Friday, 17 August 2012

#6: Swerve (1986)

These days of course, Swerve is a relatively major player in Nick Roche and James Roberts' brilliant "More Than Meets the Eye" comic, published by IDW. But in 1986, he was nought but a red repaint of Gears with a different faceplate. In 1986, Hasbro repainted and retooled a few of their 1984 Minibots, and Gears was one of those selected for a bit of a spruce up. The only new Minibot to be released in '86 was Wheelie. And quite frankly, he judges you. No, really.

Swerve made only two appearances in the Transformers cartoon; in one, he was trod on by Trypticon. In the other, he was portrayed as being in an infinite loop due to some timey-wimey shenanigans. So really, not a brilliant fictional CV. This could be down to his Tech Specs, which, apart from saying that he's easily distracted, don't really give much information out. The fact that he was one of the few Transformers not to receive a Transformers Universe entry would also suggest that he was pretty much forgotten about by Hasbro, left in the cold without much love.

Whic, let's face it, makes him the perfect candidate for Roberts and Roche to work their magic, really. Even if he still doesn't have a toy mould to himself.

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