Tuesday, 14 August 2012

#3: Trypticon (1986)

I don't remember Trypticon being released as a toy. I'm 99.9% sure he never was in the UK, hence why I don't remember anyone I knew having him, or even other people knowing someone who had him via a cousin, or friend of a brother's, or somesuch tenuous relationship. In fact, the first I even really knew of Trypticon was via season 3 of the Transformers cartoon, and even then it wasn't the whole season, because unless you were lucky to have Sky TV in the early 90's you couldn't see it. The only other way to catch a glimpse was through the VHS tapes they would sometimes release (the one I saw had Nightmare Planet and Call of the Primitives on it, I believe.)

Trypticon remains one of my all time Holy Grails of Transformerdom. Not only because of the toy itself, which is awesome:

Fort Max, eat your heart out! I mean, umm...erm...ahem. No, the toy's great, of course. The main reaon I need Trypticon is because he was voiced in the cartoon by Brad Garrett. A man who, not only also voiced Hulk Hogan and Lobo, but also played Robert in Everybody Loves Raymond. That's just the coolest fact in the universe. No, really. I NEED to see the episode where Robert steps on Raymond because he's a MASSIVE TRANSFORMING DINOSAUR.

All of that said though, Tryp's Tech Specs aren't the most impressive, choosing to list the many things he can do, rather than affix any personality to him. Which is a real shame, because his Transformers Universe entry is really good, painting the picture of a killing machine who is immensely good at what he does, and for that fact alone, is filled with self-loathing.Yet again, really interesting, really tragic and well-written, and not the sort of thing any Transformers bio writer would think of today.

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