Wednesday, 22 August 2012

#11: Krok (1990)

Krok is basically Cybertron's answer to David Beckham. An evil David Beckham who likes kicking things to death. He's also one of the few (if only) 'original' Action Master to get any fiction to himself in the original run of G1 Marvel comics. Not only that, but he was a semi-important character too, being second in command of the new Decepticon army led by Bludgeon, no less. Well, for a little while anyway. He kinda disappeared when the Autobots and Decepticons started fighting again. Bloody comics and their shoehorning in of toy characters, muttermuttermutter.

I actually had the toy of Krok when I was younger, and I have to say, I liked it. Mind you, I had quite a few Action Masters as I recall. Yes, they were Transformers that didn't transform. But the single figures had Targetmaster buddies (Krok's was Gatoraider, which is a joke that works on quite a few levels. Cheesy levels, yes. This is a toy, after all), and the figures like Axer and Over-Run had vehicles that DID transform, so it was all good. Personally, I LOVED and still love Action Masters.

See? What's wrong with that toy? It's extremely well detailed, there's tons of personality oozing from it, and it's rendered in bright, neonish colours. There's also a hint of what his alt-mode was when he could transform. Hasbro didn't have to sculpt that it. Which is awesome.

As for his Tech Specs, the bio is extremely well written, the reader is left in no doubt that Krok is a mean sumbitch, who gets what he wants by taking it and kicking the ever-lovin' crap out of it. Not only that, but his endurance is 10. This guy can take what he dishes out, it would seem. It's a shame we didn't see more of him in the comics.

All of this is making me want to collect Action Masters. Between this blog, and Roberts/Roche making them all cool again? Not fair, universe. Not fair. I now want to be stronger, faster. And most definitely more alive.

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