Sunday, 26 August 2012

#14: Outback (1986)

Outback is one of my favourite Transformers: true story. He hasn't been a "major" player in Transformers fiction, he was only ever in a couple of episodes of the G1 cartoon, and his toy is a repaint and retool of one of the least popular toys in the original G1 run. And yet, I love the guy. I couldn't really tell you why, either. I think it's a love of the underdog, a curse that I most definitely suffer from. I also think it's because his Tech Specs, though really actually sparse, speak to the wannabe rebel in me. Outback is a free spirit, someone who takes the rules, and disregards them at the earliest opportunity. For some reason (and the fact that I loved Crocodile Dundee at the time, and Outback is definitely influenced by that) I fell in love with the character and toy of Outback, and still now love it, it's definitely something in my "want" list.

See? It's a great toy. I can just see the alt-mode driving through the Australian Bush, stopping off only to have a good look at Uluru before heading back into the desert. Marvelous.

Like I said though, fiction for Outback hasn't been kind. He's been injured, blown up, and in the IDWverse, dead. Yep folks, right now, he's dead. I'm not having that. Along with Dreadwind himself, a lot of my favourite G1 characters are ending up in the big Oilhouse in the sky. The campaign to get Outback his very own series starts here. If Bumblebee can get one, then so can our favourite antipodean Transformer.

Outback! Outback! Outback!

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