Sunday, 14 October 2012

#44: Sinnertwin (1987)

The Terrorcons were pretty unlucky, really. They came in at a time when Hasbro didn't seem too concerned with combiners anymore, they were all excited about Headmasters et al. So when it came to interesting fiction to make kids want to buy the toys, well, that just didn't happen. Sinnertwin, as a member of the Terrorcons, was affected by this. He has an interesting Tech Spec bio, the guy who goes looking for trouble, and can rend any creature to pieces, bt is scared of mice and bugs? Come on, that's comedy gold as well as being an interesting Achilles' Heel. Sadly, the cartoon being the cartoon, we never got to see it. Sinnertwin was either growling as a Decepticon, or growling as a brainwashed Decepticon being used by the Quintessons. The comic was a little better, but not much; he never really did anything noteworthy.

It's frustrating, because here you have a Transformer (indeed, Transformers; let's treat the Terrorcons as a whole here) whose alt-mode is that of a MYTHICAL CREATURE. You have massive scope for this being an interesting, fun character to play around with. Hell, I can come up with a story here off the top of my head. The Terrocons and Technobots (their Autobot Counterparts) get sent back in time to Ancient Greece. The Terrorcons, being all monstery and mythical, prey upon the superstitions of the time and get themselves worshipped, and plenty of Greeks doing their bidding. The Technobots however, align themselves with the great scientific and philosophical minds of the time, meld together even better as a team as a result, and kick Abomnius' ass. There. Wasn't difficult now, was it? Instead we got Carnage in C-Minor. There's no justice.

Being a Scramble City-era toy means that Sinnertwin's robot mode is pretty much awful. That's ok though, because his alt-mode is a complete joy. It's a yellow and green Orthus, after all. (look it up, kids) The random purple tail and midsection are a bit strange, but able to be overlooked. The point here is that he transforms into a yellow and green two-headed dog creature. Man, I love the Terrorcons so much.

Sinnertwin then, as with all the Terrorcons, is a bit of a waste, fictionally. His Tech Specs are good, his toy is good, even the way he looked in the cartoon wasn't bad. He just had nothing to do. Which I guess is true of all the later combining toys, but it's still a bitter pill to have to swallow when the alt-mode is so awesome. At least he wasn't Blot, though.

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