Tuesday, 2 October 2012

#40: Over-Run (1990)

Over-Run was the first Action Master vehicle toy I bought. I never regretted it. I remember it was Autumn 1990 or thereabouts, and that I was excited as all getout to get him out of the box and get playing, I mean, erm, appreciating the toy's engineering. I'll be honest, the Attack Copter isn't the greatest vehicle ever made. But it was fun to play with. Darn.

The character of Over-Run's a weirder one to pin down, though. As you see from his Tech Spec bio, all you get is that he doesn't take orders from anyone but himself. As bios go, it's a stinker. I mean, it's almost as bad as the ones we get today (Megatron is a Decepticon, etc). The first time I had any hint as to what he was like, was in Dreamwave's More than Meets the Eye series. Whereupon you find out that Over-Run is a bit of a jackass, honestly. He bosses people around, shouts abuse at them if he thinks they're not doing their jobs properly, and generally is hated by everyone. But in fact, he doesn't care about that, because he's here to win the war, and not make friends. This is just me, but he actually sounds like Frank Burns from M*A*S*H. For that alone, I kinda like Over-Run a little bit more. He's also brave - look at that Courage bar! An ass he may be, but he's a brave ass.

Like I said, the Attack Copter's not the greatest toy, but heck, it's fun. Over-Run himself is brightly coloured (even if he is predominantly red) and suits having a Copter as his vehicle, having seemingly once transformed into a helicopter himself. The Copter transforms into a mobile missile battery, with Over-Run as it's pilot, which I think is a nice touch. Personally, I love the Attack Copter, especially the windscreen. Potentially the most pointless windscreen in the world.

Over-Run has sadly been forgotten by many. He has been in the Wings Universe (not that anyone cares), but has only been in the IDW universe once, as a guard in Spotlight: Arcee. I look forward to him popping up elsewhere, as I think a Frank Burns-alike in the More than Meets the Eye book would be a welcome addition!

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