Monday, 22 December 2014

#67: Slugfest (1987)

Perhaps this blog should be renamed "Casseticons who were mistreated during G1", because today, we have another poor soul who can lay claim to that moniker. Slugfest came at the tail end of the "normal" G1, just as the Headmasters came out and everything became too gimmicky. Obviously, both Slugfest and Overkill were late add-ons to Soundwave's army of minions, but because of their late arrival, it was basically too late for them to make any impact at all on the fiction. Neither the comics nor the cartoon had any notewortthy appearances for ol'Sluggy. Indeed, his only appearance in G1 fiction of the time was in "Call of the Primitives". In one scene. For a couple of frames of animation. Still more exposure than he had in the comics though, where he didn't appear at all.

Yeah, it's that underdog thing again. And also, a feeling that yet again, a character with interesting traits has been overlooked mainly because their toy wasn't a priority. Sure, the fiction only really exists to seel toys, I totally get that, but I think that now, G1 has almost transcended that, and it's fiction stands on it's own merit, to the point that I think that an interesting character like Slugfest needs to be made a lot more of. I can see him fitting in well with the crew of the Lost Light for instance. They could do with a data courier who gets paranoid while listening to his own messages, right? You know, someone who flies off in a beserker rage and wipes the data he's supposed to be sending in the first place? Sounds like a sitcom opportunity's being missed for him and Swerve, that's for damn sure.

Probably isn't going to happen. But I know one thing, Slugfest's toy rocks. Come on, who doesn't want a cassette that transforms into a pink and lime green stegosaur? I know I do. This guy needs a Masterpiece version so bad it actually hurts. Mind you, so do Overkill, Beastbox and Squawktalk. Those last two kinda sorta already do, via third party toy companies. So what are you waiting for? Get right on that.

If you haven't already got a Slugfest in your life, get one. Stat. Also, James Roberts? Slugfest miniseries. Stat. Don't make me tell him you've been talking about him behind your back.

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